S T A C E Y rough draft

Who is she?
What is her name ?
Is she amazing or is she plain?
She enjoys soft music but has a heart full of pain
What Is her name?
What was my mother thinking when she gave me this name?
Would I love it or would I hate it?
Would I really grasp the true meaning of STACEY?
Why would you name me after my father?
Never mind why even bother
This was me
This Is me
A beautiful sweet Georgia peach
But wait….
What does my name really mean?
It means power
It means Grace
It means great style and smooth taste
It means having a charisma so cool it brightens the room
More like daffodills in the spring that blooms
Who am I?
What is my name?
My name is STACEY beautifully different and perfectly strange


One thought on “S T A C E Y rough draft

  1. I like the rhythym in your writing, so deep and CRISP. You just have to say your poem with the same voice that’s in your writing. Also, go over and put some punctuation into your poem. Other than that you wrote a great poem.

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