S T A C E Y Final Draft

Who is she?
What is her name?
Is she amazing or is she plain
She enjoys soft music but has a heart full of pain
What is her name?
What was my mother thinking when she gave me this name
Would I love it or would I hate it
Would I really grasp the true meaning of STACEY?
Why would you name me after my father?
Nevermind mom why even bother
This was me
This is me
A beautiful sweet Georgia peach
What does my name really mean?
It means power
It means grace
It means great style and smooth taste
It means having a charisma so cool that it brightens the room
More like daffodils in the spring that bloom
Who am I?
What is my name?
My name is Stacey beautifully different and perfectly strange
What come to mind when you think of a Stacey?
A redhead or a perfect blonde or a girl that simply enjoys having fun
Would you think of a sunset golden or a bright gargantuan sun?
A girl who has been torn over and over again
A girl who doesn’t have many friends because on the inside I’m lonely
I feel alone
Who am I ?
What is my name?
My name is Stacey phenomenally insane
A 14 year old girl shackled and chained up

Locked away from the world and stuck

She became angry and extremely tough

Sort of like a exquisite shield volcano waiting to arupt
Who am I?
I am Stacey is that enough
Sometimes I wish I could look into my soul
I wish I could find out who I really am
This was my biggest fear and my biggest goal
My name means resurrection
It means rebirth
Which is crazy because my mom’s unborn died
A year later she found out she was pregnant
Pregnant with me this means I was meant to be
Was the first child me?
Was I resurrected?
Was I reborn again?
Then a year later my existing life began
This was a mystery I could proudly called mines
I’ll ask myself this question one more time
Who am I ?
What is my name?
I am Stacey and this will never change


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