Go Away (New Piece Rough Draft)

Where do I even start?
I can remember me and dads long walks in the park
Just me and him it was perfect
We would stay there from day time till dark
The trees were as tall as him with soft leaves and hard bark
Him and mom were going through a bit
But he never stopped loving me
When daddy daughter day came he sorta felt free
Like my own little butterfly with unique colors and large wings
It was peaceful and silent
With no pain, no sorrow,and no grief
A beautiful sea like sound is what it sounded like to me
It was a place he came to for relief
Mom and dad eventually split and even though it hurted me it was for the best
Mom cheated, dad cheated
Even then they still had a reason to love
That reason was me
My mind was a diary full of filled pages and stories
I still do not think you understand how deep it hurt me and how deep it affected me
In ways you wouldn’t even believe
Then He Met HERRRRR………..
Dad I thought I was your heart?
I still am or am I?
I feel like Iam in competition with his new girl
She is terribly small but her head has the texture of a satin red brick wall
She is not tall at all I am certain
She thinks she can take my dad away
It will not happen NEVER
You see I was here first
I was born first
I mean my dad tells me he loves me
He tells me I’m still #1 but it does not feel that way
Yes I have a lot to say because she’s trying to take my dad away
And the thing is she does not want me here
She simple wants me somehow erased
Her brows are dark and creepy like the jokers but more messy
And I am sick of her wearing that same hairstyle and those slutty clothes she call dressy
She has no style
She wears the same ole green shirt that makes her look like a frog
She is a creep
Go away
Not tommorow
Not in a year
Not in 10 years but TODAY
I wish she would just go away like those nasty mosquitos we all hate
She will not stay away
I hate her and I know that is a harsh thing to say
It is true and that is okay
It is okay with me at least
Like when we were young and inside a grocery store
Then mom says “put it back”
She is a irritating conniving spoiled bratt
Her voice gets stuck in my head like that one favorite song we constantly sing but eventually get tired of hearing it
Story of my life this is how u feel when she talks
And not to mention that annoying way she pokes her but out and walk
She thinks she has the biggest but on planet earth
I get disgusted every time she twist back and forth
I get sick and tired of seeing her face
“Just go away” is what I would love to say
Not tommorow
Not in a year
Not in 10 years but TODAY


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