A Poem About Life

Life Is a nonfiction story based on opinions and facts
On What I Believe
What she believes
What he believes
Not Just Them And Me But Everybody
See Life Is A Video Game
It Has Rules To Play
But We constantly blame each other for our own mistakes
We Constantly put others down for more fame
Forgetting That As 1 Society We Are The Same in A Different Way
In Life You can’t depend on anyone
Not Parents
Not teachers
Not Family
Not Friends
Not even the people you thought had your back till the end
But Now You Began To Start Off Your Questions with
How’s, What’s, Why’s, and When’s
Only To Find Out These People Never Had your back to began with
We All live life afraid to be wrong or right
But out Rights might be wrong and our wrongs might be right
Life Is The Sun It Sometimes Shines So bright
That it Possibly Blinds the human eye sight
And Brainwashes humanity about life
Life Has Many Paths and which ever one You take
Its always a dull and bright light that awaits
Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying the dull light is bad
I’m not saying the bright light is good
I’m just saying which ever one choose
We Are still human Beings we still win and we definitely still loose
Life Is a battle that you continuously fight
Round after round
But we won’t lose tonight
See I’ll be strong
He will  be strong
She will be strong
It Dosent matter what race I am and the color of My skin tone
Understand we Are 1
Will always Be 1
What Light Will you choose?
Who Will You Become?


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