Metaphorically My place Poem

Metaphorically my place is a hole
A hole so deep that you couldn’t even see
Where do I come from?
In this city I call my own
Its called ATLANTA
See where I’m from
We base everything on a certain color
Colors that kill us and make us hate one another
Everybody want to be
(Crips and bloods)

These people haven’t even done their research
They just want to be thugs
Thugs that don’t necessarily come from bad households
They just jump on the bandwagon until their true colors unfold
Where I’m from
Its so much black on black hate
They wonder why we
(Subtract more than any other race)

We Get So Mad When White policemen shoot us in the face
We Still haven’t recognized that we kill each other everyday
Where I come from
We flex with these basic

These people in my city will really spend 300 dollars on 1 pair of pants
Then start looking crazy that they don’t have no more money in their hand
But who am I outside of my city
I am the works of

That’s how I keep myself busy
I am

I love to rhyme and spit orally
Here’s a little piece of me and where I’m from METAPHORICALLY


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