HTRLLAP Chapter 1 Summary 

In the first chapter he talks about how every trip is a quest even if it wasn’t intended to be a quest. For example a boy goes to the store for some bread and encounters some German shepards along the way. He then sees the girl of his dreams with her boyfriend in his 68′ cuda. A quest just happened in that little example. A quest consist of five things a knight , a holy grail , a least one dragon , a evil knight , a princess and a dangerous road . The knight ( the boy) , the holy grail ( the bread) , the princess (the girl) , the dangerous road (German shepards) and the dragon (the car). Even though this wasn’t intended to be a quest the real reason for a quest is never the stated reason ( to go get some bread) which is where the quester fails at . The real reason is educational and involves self -knowledge which is why the quester is always young and inexperienced (the boy) . 


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