Chapter 11 HTRLLAP

So this chapter is talking about violence. In some stories characters use violence as in stabbing , poisoning , fighting but it might not always mean literally violence. The author might use violence as a metaphor to mean something else which is actually interesting when you think about it . We always think about actually violence when we here the word. For example “a punch in the nose” could mean betrayal or something similar to that but when you hear the phrase you would think somebody actually was punched in the nose.? VIOLENCE IN LITERATURE HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE Voldemort has killed Harry’s parents but has spared Harry his life in the process. This is symbolic as it shows Voldemort’s power over Harry. This represents the first type of “situational” violence, in which Voldemort is the guilt party and makes the executive decision to kill them. In the event that his mom and dad died, action was added to the plot, plot complications were created, and put Harry under a large amount of stress. 


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