Chapter 14 is about how almost everything, in some form, is a Christ figure. The chapter gives a list to relate characters to. The list is 1. crucified, wounds in the hands, feet, side, and head 2. in agony 3. self-sacrificing 4. good with children 5.good with loaves, fishes, water, wine 6. thirty-three years of age when last seen 7. employed as a carpenter 8. known to use humble modes of transportation, feet or donkeys preferred 9. believed to have walked on water 10. often portrayed with arms outstretched 11. known to have spent time alone in the wilderness 12. believed to have had a confrontation with the devil, possibly tempted 13. last seen in the company of thieves 14. creator of many aphorisms and parables 15. buried, but arose on the third day 16. had disciples, twelve at first, although not all equally devoted 17. very forgiving 18. came to redeem an unworthy world.


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