HBL Extra Credit: Guilt


What Is Guilt? What is Shame?

Guilt is a feeling that everyone is familiar with. It can be described as “a bothered conscience”[1] or “a feeling of culpability for offenses.”[2] We feel guilty when we feel responsible for an action that we regret. There are several types of guilt. People can feel ashamed, unworthy, or embarrassed about actions for which they are responsible. In this case, we refer to true guilt — or guilt that is appropriate. However, true guilt is only one form of guilt. People can also feel guilty about events for which they are not responsible. This false guilt can be equally destructive, if not more so. Feeling guilty for events which are out of our control is often unproductive and detrimental.

Blog Post:

I chose this short article because it explains the significance of guilt and how it can a play a dangerous role in someones life. Guilt is a emotion that can drive a person and crazy and can make someone do bad things. I think this article is really important in regards to Frankenstein because it directly symbolizes certain actions that occurred in Frankenstein and the importance of how it relates to those actions. Its explains the what shames as well.


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