HBL Extra Credit Theme 1 : Gender Roles

Men don’t cry and women don’t fight

And women wear heels so they look alright

And makeup is important, and so is delicacy

And when it comes to emotions, they all need secrecy.

And men wear pants, not wigs or skirts

And they don’t admit when they get hurt

they must have power, they must be strong,

And acting different is obviously wrong.

Because female is one thing, and another,

Two separate categories like father and mother,

And if you believe this ,god bless your soul

Does gender, so strongly, dictate a role?

What does it matter, at the end of the day

Its not black or white its an equal shade of grey.

“Men” can be “Women” and the other way around,

Until these expectations are nowhere to be found.

Poem by : Strange Mind


Blog Post:

This poem relates to gender roles  in Frankenstein because woman and men are expected to have certain roles. I feel like people should be able to live their life how they want to without being judged. Woman are expected to be weak and feminine and men have to be strong. If men are feminine they will be judged or if woman are masculine they will be judged. People shouldn’t be expected to act a certain way its their life they can be what they want.


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